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Narrative Feature Films

Children Of Invention
2009, Tze Chun, USA, 86min, Narrative Feature

Two young children living outside Boston are left to fend for themselves when their mother gets embroiled in a pyramid scheme and disappears. ... more.


God Is D_ad
2009, Abraham Lim, USA, 94min, Narrative Feature

Tim, a comic book store clerk puts an advertisement in the newspaper looking for travel buddies to share an RV with him headed for Chicago. ... more.


Make Yourself At Home
2008, Soopum Sohn, USA/S. Korea, 90min, Narrative Feature

In the upper class suburbs of New Jersey, Korean-American Peter is starting a new life with his mysterious bride, Sookhy, whom he met through a marriage broker in Korea. ... more.


Mr Sadman
2009, Patrick Epino, USA, 85 min, Narrative Feature

In 1990, before the First Gulf War, Mounir, an impressionable and sheltered Saddam Hussein body-double, loses his job and moves to Los Angeles ... more.


The People I've Slept With *
2009, Quentin Lee, USA, 86min, Narrative Feature

A sex comedy about a promiscuous young woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy and neds to figure out who the baby daddy is...NOW! ... more.


Raspberry Magic 
2009, Leena Pendharkar, USA, 82min, Narrative Feature

A coming-of-age story about an 11-year-old girl who believes she must win the science fair in order to bring her father back after he runs out on the family. ...more.


Shopping For Fangs
1997, Quentin Lee & Justin Lin, USA, 90min, Narrative Feature

In this amalgam of comedy styles and genres, a young man believes he may be turning into a werewolf; meanwhile, a lonely housewife is confused... more.


Strangers *
2010, Michael Aki, USA, 106min, Narrative Feature

A late-night contract murder, carried out with methodical ferocity, is followed by a kidnapping, and these violent but silently accomplished acts...more.


Sunsets Revisited * 
1997/2009, Michael Aki & Eric Nakamura, USA, 75min, Narrative Feature

Three young California men experience a fleeting season of magical friendship in days given over to bottomless bottles of beer and nights reserved for petty theft...more.


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