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The Young, the Fresh and the New: Selected Student Shorts

Monday, April 12, 2010 | 8:00pm

A selection of award-winning student shorts from across the country.

Dear Fatty
Directed by Hsin-I Tseng | Running Time: 7 minutes | 2008


A little girl is writing a letter to her pet hamster "Fatty" in this short cut out animation, stop motion characters are combined with collage backgrounds and cut outs of real hamster to make this fantasy story. Fatty meets lots of animals during her travels and learns about outside world. For more information about the filmmaker please visit here.
-First Place, Adult Jury Prize for Animated Short Film and Video, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
-First Place, Animation Magazine’s Student Reel Award
-First Place, Sevincer Animation Festival


Entering the Mind through the Mouth
Directed by Jin Sun Choi | Running Time: 24minutes | 2009


A cat with a boy's mind and a mouse with a girl's mind, try to escape from a wicked tamer who wants to make a mutant of a cat. For more information about the filmmaker please visit here.
-13th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival - Audience Choice Award
-2009 Augelus Student Film Festival - Outstanding Animation Prize
-36th Student Academy Award National finalist


Directed by Yung-Jui "Erik" Lee | Running Time: 3 minutes | 2009


A grumpy magician with his over excited assistance to perform a crazy magic show. For more information about the filmmaker please visit here.
-Santa Monica International Film Festival (2009) Best Animation
-Red Rock Film festival (2009) Best Animated Short
-Puchon International Student Animation Festival (2009) Screening


Half Kenneth
Directed by Ken Ochiai | Running Time: 22 minutes | 2009


1942: World War II has reached American soil. Kenneth Hanada, an adolescent Japanese-American, has been imprisoned in the Manzanar War Relocation Camp for three years. After his father's passing, Kenneth hatches a plan to escape and find his Caucasian mother who lives just a few hours away. Things become complicated, however, when Kenneth's little brother, Jo, joins him at the last minute. Click here to view the trailer. For more information about the filmmaker please visit here
-CINE Golden Eagle Award
-Best Short Film in Japan Category at the Short Shorts Film Festival
-Third place in Short Film Category at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

Small & Deep, Love Stories
Directed by Hsinping Pan | Running Time: 6 minutes | 2005


Small & Deep, Love Stories is an interwoven visual poem about the joys and heartaches of falling in love. For more information about the filmmaker please visitn here.
-Taiwan International Animation Festival
-Taipei Film Festival
-San Diego Asian Film Festival


To Wander in Pandemonium
Directed by Edward Kim | Running Time: 24 minutes | 2009


A young man plans to steal a shipment of drugs from his own family's unground cartel and leave his oppressive family behind forever... all the while dragging his "unique" seven years old daughter along for the ride in a day form hell. 
-UCLA Directors Spotlight competition, most original
-DGA Student Film Award - West coast Winner


Viola: The Traveling Room of the Little Giant
Directed by Shih-Ting Hung | Running Time: 9 minutes | 2008


Seven years old Viola packs her suitcase and climbs a floating staircase into the sky. She soon discovers that her journey unites her past, present, and future, part life and part dream. Download the press kit here. For more information about the filmmaker please visit here
-Student Academy Awards - Gold Medal - Alternative (The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)
-Voice Award International (5th Singapore Short Film Festival)
-Taipei Digital Arts Award (Taipei Digital Arts Festival)